Marrowfat Peas


UK-grown marrowfat peas are considered amongst the best in the world. Principally they are only produced in the UK, Canada and New Zealand … with our maritime climate giving UK growers the edge.

Marrowfat peas are used for packet sales, canning, processed peas and the fish and chip shop trade. Samples with a deep uniform green colour are used for packet sales and export to the Middle East and Japan where they used for the snack food market. The paler samples are suitable for canning industry.

Tougher skinned Marrowfats are used for canning as they do not break down during the cooking process, whereas thinner skinned, soft textured varieties are preferred for mushy peas.

They are sown in March and harvested in August, with the better quality samples reaching higher prices than other UK grown pulses. New varieties recently available have helped to improve both crop production and quality.