Large Blue Peas


Large blue peas are used for packet sales and export and there are many suitable varieties. Harvested peas should be of a deep uniform green colour with the minimum of physical defects.

On the Continent blues are used for soup production and canning in glass jars and in the UK they form the base material for most of the canned mushy peas which are found on supermarket shelves. Large Blue Peas can also go through further processing to produce Split Peas which are often sold into Europe for soups and sauces, They are also sold in Supermarkets as retail packs..

Large blues are also preferred for micronising (see Micronisng Peas).

These are again sown in March and harvested dry in July/August, usually about 10-14 days before marrowfats, when they are at a moisture content of approximately 15%. Care and attention is required with their production and harvesting; improved plant types now make this crop suitable for the general farming rotation.