Principal crops traded and cleaned are Marrowfat Peas for the packet, export and canning markets and for the fish and chip shop trade. Large and Small Blues are used for UK canning and export markets and Faba Beans for the home and export markets.

Other pluses cleaned in smaller quantities include Yellow Peas, Maples and Tic Beans which can be for either the human consumption market or the pigeon trade, both at home and for export to the Continent and Far East.

We also clean imported pulses such as Navy Beans and Chick Peas as a service operation for the UK canners / Importers when they require a higher quality. Contract cleaning is also a large part of the Marrowfat business with the product going not only to UK end users but to packers and snack manufacturers in Europe, USA and the Far East. As well as dealing in pulses for human consumption markets, Askew & Barrett also process for, and trade in, the animal feed industry. Our policy of only trading with Merchants gives us access to virtually the whole of the uncontracted pulse crop as we are no threat on farms to any UK Merchant.