All Storage facilities at Askew & Barrett (Pulses) Ltd are TASCC accredited. We have fourteen Bulk Stores, four Finished Goods Warehouses and two Silos.

The Bulk Stores have a total capacity of up to 5,000 Tonnes and are all within close proximity to our Processing Plants allowing for quick and efficient transfer of “As Grown” product to the Intake Areas.

The Finished Goods Warehouses have a combined capacity of 3,500 Tonnes of palletised goods and the recently erected Silos, which are used to hold Re-Cleaned Human Consumption Beans, have a total capacity of 600 Tonnes.

Doors are kept shut at all times when not in use and Askew & Barrett (Pulses) Ltd continue to invest in “High Speed, Automatic Doors” for entrances to production areas and/or with a high volume of traffic; combined with the employment of a third party pest contractor, Dealey & Associates Ltd, this ensures that the possibility of pest ingress is negligible.