Feed Peas/Pea Picks


The price if sold for compounding for animal feed is not usually dependant on quality, as long as the produce is free from mould. As with beans, peas can be used in pig and poultry rations. Peas are also used in cattle feed up to a 1/4 in proportion of the ration.

Feed pea sources include crops that are traded direct from farm (when lots are found to be unsuitable for human consumption) and the pea picks that are a by-product of the cleaning process. They are traded on standard feed terms of 15% moisture and 2% admixture but must be free from stones.

Our process is such that stones are removed at three points during the process thus creating a non hazardous product. Any evidence of flints or stones is likely to cause rejection due to the fire hazard caused in the mill and the damage it can cause during the milling / extrusion process.

It is feasible for peas to be formulated into ruminant and monogastic diets at inclusion rates of 15% - 20%. However, the blue print for lean and tender pork specifies a 10% maximum pea inclusion level in pig diets to minimise the risk of taint.