At Askew & Barrett (Pulses) Ltd we are able to load Dried Pulses in a variety of methods and onto a number of trailer types.

Finished product, that has been packaged into bags, can be loaded onto either Taut Liners (Curtain Sided Trailers) or into 20 ft. (or 40 ft.) containers using our, self-designed & self-built, loading ramps. Goods can either be loaded with pallets (for ease of unloading), or without pallets (to maximise the capacity).

As Grown Pulses & Pulses for animal feed can be loaded directly into Bulk Lorries from floor stores or from overhead bins. Re-cleaned human consumption beans can be loaded directly into 20 ft. Containers via our loading machine, designed and constructed in house, and automatically fed from our two purpose built silos.

Whatever the method; whatever the trailer type; if its bulk or bagged; each vehicle can be loaded in 30 minutes or less meaning our turnaround time for each vehicle is generally less that 1 hour from weighing in to weighing out - During our busiest periods, we can have up to 1000 Tonnes crossing our weighbridge each day.